The department of Humanities and Sciences plays a vital role in grooming the students in their basic knowledge of science and language. This department was established in 2002 with 14 teaching faculty, Today it is expanded to 38, offering courses in Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and English. The department deals with Mathematics-I, Mathematics-II, Mathematics-III, Mathematical Methods, Probability & Statistics, Mathematical Foundations of Computer Science, Advanced Engineering Mathematics, Computer Oriented Numerical Methods, Optimization Techniques for Structural Engineering, Applied Statistics, Optimization Techniques, Operations Research, Physics, Chemistry, Environmental Studies, English, Business Communication skills and Soft skills training programmes with emphasis on personality development.

Mathematics and English subjects are offered to II, and III yr B.Tech students also. The curriculum of I B.Tech offers courses in Mathematics, English language, Physics, and Chemistry. As majority of the subjects offered to first year students are from H&S department, this department takes care of all the first year students along with catering to II, III yr subjects.

Being the supportive department, H&S plays a constructive role in development of the Organization. The department is strengthened by many Professors, Associate Professors in each subject of Mathematics, English, Physics and Chemistry. The faculty is highly qualified and indulges in academic activities like writing text books and conducting conferences, workshops, seminars and publishing research papers. The department has produced 12 books with national and international publishers and some of them are prescribed for Universities like JNTU Ananthapur, West Bengal University, etc.